MTG Remote

A multiplayer life counter and card lookup tool for playing Magic: The Gathering over Google Hangouts!

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MTG Remote is a suite of tools that makes playing Magic: The Gathering over Google Hangouts much easier. Simply join a google hangout call with other players using the extension and start playing!

Features include:

  • *NEW* Webcam card recognizer! Automatically detect cards and send them to the shared card display (still experimental)
  • A multi-user life tracker with commander damage, poison and energy tracking
  • A shared card lookup with history
  • A private card lookup
  • Turn order randomizer
  • Alternate card art version selection
  • Prevents mirroring of own webcam video

Each player who joins a google hangout video chat with this extension will automatically be added to the life tracker. Use the +/- buttons to increase/decrease your life total and other users in your hangout will see your updated life total on their screens. Use the card icon on the right hand side to bring up the card search. Start typing and the card names will appear in a dropdown. Select a card and it’s image will be displayed to all players.

Future versions will include:

  • Additional randomizer options: dice roll, coin flip, choose random player/opponent
  • Decklist loading
  • Turn tracker/pass turn button

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